Hastings TOP 10 Holiday Park


Maretotara Falls

Havelock North,
Havelock North,
NZ, 4130

In 1922 the Havelock North Borough Council built a dam on top of Maraetotara Falls to create a head for a hydro-electric power station. A tree-shaded walk leads 10 minutes upstream to the falls and 20 minutes downstream through limestone scenery, passed the old turbine house and a surge tower.

Directions: Walk down to the junction with the Maraetotara River. It is a 10 min return walk to the falls on the left with a swimming hole. There is a ladder that reaches a concrete weir and returns 150 metres above the parking area. On the right a 10 min walk takes you to a concrete surge tower. The track rejoins the road 10 mins further on.